Stand Up Paddle Lessons for beginners

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SALTY LIFE   is for everyone who LIKE US , LOVES SUP...  Stand Up Paddle IS THE NEW RAGE IN THE WORLD!!

BUT LET'S TALK ABOUT US : Our methodology is based on small groups.  Beginner Group sessions & Private sup lessons are hold in Corralejo. Majanicho, El cotillo or island Los Lobos since  2006.

While stand up paddling isn't especially difficult (a huge part of its appeal), it isn't void of technique. SUP paddling has more to it than meets the eye, and many things might seem counter intuative (how to hold the paddle, for example). Learning proper technique, safety and local sea knowledge from day-one will save you from developing bad habits and/or making costly mistakes. Taking a lesson will ensure you're paddling on the ocean with confidence (and efficiency) in no time.

Lesson Options

Surf Lessons - TOP Excursions Fuerteventura

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The North of Fuerteventura is the place to come for quality, safe & fun surf lessons for all ages & levels. They teach that surfing is not just a sport but a remedy for life.
Book today with us your first sessions for a amazing time in the sea. and yes indeed, for every age !

Windsurfing Lessons - TOP Excursions Fuerteventura

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Fuerteventura windsurf paradise, enjoys exclusive windsurfing teaching right at 2 of the best beach locations in the north of Fuerteventura. Corralejo and Majanicho. We have side on shore winds, long sandy beaches, and shallow warm water.
Learn at these two ideal beginner and intermediate windsurfing locations where you will come back to practice on your own.

Kite Boarding Lessons - TOP Excursions Fuerteventura

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We offer private kiteboarding lesson for beginners, intermediate and advanced students.
Our kite surfing lesson programs are tailored and performance based, so each student can learn at his own pace and comfort level. The best way to learn Kite boarding is by doing a half day mini course or 2-3 days of lessons.

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